Wilder Woman

 The Wilder woman, came down from the hills
 and camped in the pond, that sits mirror still
 Spoke to the clawed, and the beaked and the billed
 And rejoiced, for her life was fine
 Out from the city, came a sensual man, 
 Sent out from the temple to act on a plan
 The queen of the city, took with forceful hands
 Any she wanted, to share of her wine
 So the harlot, he stopped, and drank from the pool
 His throat clicked and locked, to feel the barb cruel
 The wilder woman, held out to his neck
 But he won out her mercy, and asked her direct
 Lie with me woman, and put down your spear
 Let me take your sorrows, and heartbreak, and fears
 Take of my spirit, take all that you need
 My body is here, to follow your lead
 After seven, and seven, vivid nights that they laid, 
 The wilder woman grew newly afraid,
 The beasts now were fearful, of her touch and her gaze
 And she wept, at what she had lost
 The man saw her tears, and softened the pain
 He pulled out the beetles, and moss from her mane
 He spoke of the city, and why he had came
 And he wept, at what it had cost
 So through two more weeks, they mingled and talked
 Worked reeds into sandles, with smooth river rocks
 Tanned hide of a lion, for girdle and cape
 And walked, close together, to the great gates
 Come out, great queen, and fight a true foe
 Don't pilfer the husbands of your woman-folk
 I lost, to you humans, my tie to the land
 So come out, dear monarch, and die by my hand
 And out came the queen, and in battle they clashed
 Ten seasons they grappled, and throttled, and lashed
 While they struggled, the city, trained enforcers unmatched
 By the time they collapsed, the queen was dethroned
 After waking, both realized, just what they had gained
 Finding another, so strong and un-tamed
 They decided for glory, and the great city's fame
 To rove and bring great riches home
 As they went on their journey, now etched in the stars
 The Harlot was mournful, and wandered afar
 And though his adventures, are less widely known
 He would tell of his lover, wherever he roamed
 She came from the mountain, and sang like the birds
 A song of such beauty, few mortals have heard
 Though our cities will grow, to height yet unseen
 I mourn for the Wilderness, robbed of its Queen
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 / F - Dm - / C - Dm - / F - Dm - / C - - CDm / - - - - / 
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