To The Mountain

  I went . . to the mountain
 Where the maiden sits, with her bow
 Amidst . . the groves of cyprus
 I begged her, for to know
 I said maiden . Will you tell me?
 What is on my woman's mind?
 Can I slay a . boar or harpy
 To put our suff'ring behind?
 She laughed . . and left me standing
 Wond'ring what, I could have said
 And to . . my shame demanding
 I hung my weeping head
 I went . . to the mountain
 Where the mother sat and wove
 With kids . . cooing and crying
 And a pot, hot on the stove
 I said mother . Can you tell me?
 Why my woman scorns me so
 Can I bring her a fleece or a . flying steed
 So that she'll let me know
 She smiled and turned to her children
 Calling each of them to heel
 She, too ignored my question
 But shared with me their meal
 I went . . to the mountain
 To beseech the grizzled crone
 Who sits . . with snakes and mushrooms
 In a grey old shack, alone
 I said crone . . Can you tell me?
 Why my woman shames me so
 Though I speak, clear and loud, I feel shamed and not proud,  
 I'd kill titan, or hydra to know
 She cackled . . and then said to me
 In words so clear and sharp
 Did you try . . asking directly
 Before this journey's start?
 [instrumental outro]
 C Eb / Ab C /  C Eb / Ab C /
 Ab Bb / C - / Ab Bb / C - /  
 Eb C / Ab Bb C - / Eb C / Ab Bb C - /