The Games

 There stands here a grove, where the goddess still reigns
 The passing is matched, by trial and game
 Sprinting and hurdles, Discus and ball
 To greet the new king, as his twin brother falls
 To mark the pass of the waning year
 Athletes gather, priests draw near
 With sprigs of cyprus and mistletoe
 The old must die, for new to grow
 Hey, oh hey, the Ivy and spruce
 Finish the ritual,  bring a new dawn
 Dance, and play, and relish the truce,
 'Tween river and rock, cougar and fawn
 The running of maidens, through Appian way
 Starts off the games, and the King's final day
 Children throw flowers, the crowd is aroar
 Bare feet end up bloodied, but pain is ignored
 As the vestal race closes, the first feast begins
 A stout satyr waddles with wine on his chin
 His opens his throat, and velvet notes spring
 As if the green mother herself were to sing
 Hey, oh hey, the Alder and spruce
 Finish the ritual,  bring a new dawn
 Dance, and play, and worship the truce,
 'Tween Titans and godlings, the wolf and the fawn
 As the banquets continue, the grapplers walk in
 Annointed in oil, clad only in skin
 To wrestle, and struggle, and exhibit their skill
 A true test of strength, constitution and will
 Hey, oh hey, Pomegranite and spruce
 Finish the ritual, bring a new dawn
 Just today, we honor the truce
 Between Secrets and Wisdom, lion and fawn
 Discuses flung, from dizzying spins
 Javelins thud as their heads splinter in
 Targets and straw, are retrieved for the stage
 To build up the flame, that will bring a new age
 Hey, oh hey, Serpent and Spruce
 Finish the ritual, bring a new dawn
 Eternity gazes, and blesses our truce
 Between Power and Ignorance, tiger and fawn
 Fully prepared, and enduring his rites
 The waning king sits, as they sharpen the knife
 He remembers ascenscion, and his long-year was grand
 As he readies the Crescent-moon scepter in hand
 Hey, oh hey, Barley and Spruce
 The ritual's done, we gaze at the dawn
 Eternity kneels, blessing our truce
 Between Chaos and Order, Venus and Faun
 / Em D Em - / Em D Em Em / C D Em - / C D Em - /
 /Am - -G Em / D - Em - / Am - -G Em / C D - Em /