Sweet Sings the Siren

 Sweet sings the siren, o'er salt-water foam
 The sailors who took me so far from my home
 Are raving and screaming, and clawing their ears
 Trying to block out the song that they hear
 Though I hear the singing, ringing and clear
 My heart is not captured by longing or fear
 I wait for my jailer to rush to the fray
 With the singers as cover, I steal away
 Though late in the night, without the sun's rays
 I hurry my flight, while my captors are dazed
 But enough of the Stars, peek through the veil
 And I follow with ease, the Milky Way's trail
 Though I'm born from the stars,
 And walk on the wind
 I still have to hobble through sorrow and sin
 Creatures and vagabonds swarm for my light 
 To keep like a jewel, to warm them at night
 I watch the sphinx leave, and stare at my palm
 Though her fortune held evil, my heart is still calm
 After fortnights of riddles, and terrible tests
 Old questions were answered, and air floods my chest
 For leagues, out to Stygia, the song could be heard
 Over mountains, and oceans, echoed each word
 After service, and solitude, as treasure or slave
 I'd live in no harem,  adorn no king's grave
 Refrain x 2
 / Dm Am G Am / Dm Am G Am / 
 / FC G Am / Dm Am CG Am /