Red Hammer’s Glow

 By the red pulsing glow,
 And the hammer head's blow,
 Our destiny pulled from the ground
 With four crucibles cracked,  
 and our calamine brass,
 No longer will we be held down
 The Fates may decree,
 That we speak Blasphemy,
 When we choose to be free of their web
 But our Sisters deny,
 That we have to die,
 For the sins of the heaven-cursed dead
 Rise, against the heavens sent, to keep us meek and low
 Lies, that warped our hooves and skin, have kept us down below
 As if it was Hubris, to want to be fed,
 put clothes on our children, or sleep in fine beds
 If Gods were so great, we'd already be dead
 Our people have paid, more than you know
 So we bided and planned,
 And brought in more hands
 We had spies in the ranks of their priests
 Over ocean and sands,
 We reached foreign lands,
 And readied ourselves, to rise from beneath
 The foreigners came,  
 And clashed in our name
 Cunning cowled cowards, fled their great stones
 The triumphant remained,
 And new kingdoms were laid
 By the victors who'd won their new home
 We rose, against the heavens sent, to keep us meek and low
 We know, that with their evil spent, our kingdom will still grow
 Thought they came from far outside, they helped us to be free
 To mold and shape, our own destinies
 To watch the old gods turn tail and flee,
 Our people have won, more than you know
 / Am / G / C G Am /
 / Am / G / F E Am /
 / Am / G / C G Am /
 / Am / G / F E Am /
 / C G Am - / C G Am - / 
 / F E Am - / F E Am - / 
 / F G Am C / F E Am  - /