Place of Great Evil

 I return from a place of great evil,
 Where suffering fills the streets
 The gilded few live sheltered lives,
 While chewing on succulent meats
 When I arrived, I sought a kind soul  
 Who could take my coin for the night
 To my surprise, a guard on patrol
 Had me arrested on sight
 I sat and moiled, in that dank cell
 I wondered and worried, what was my crime
 In anguish and sorrow I wept and yelled
 And lost all accounting of time
 Once a day, they fed me an evil slop
 Tasteless starch, wet and gray
 Too crude to eat, My spirits dropped
 But I lived to tribunal day
 I was led into a great chiseled dome
 Judges in cloaks, eyed my poor robes
 said I could not do my business alone
 I had to find lodging with someone I know
 "But I am a traveler" I had to cry,
 "I know no soul, who lives in this place"
 The -- judge looked up, to catch my green eyes
 And silenced my wails, with the cast of his face
 I slunk out to the marketplace
 A captain looked up, as if he well knew
 My previous tortures, showed in my face
 If I didn't want more, I should vacate his view
 I implored every stranger I saw,
 But all just ignored, my obvious pleas
 As curfew approached, I fled those great walls
 Preferring to sleep in the damp with the fleas
 And here, I return, half starved and half drowned
 But never again will I leave  
 To avoid all the evil of cities and towns,
 Our rites should be followed to show we believe
 The old ways are best, this I have learned
 So bring out your sickle and robes
 Just one sacrifice left, and favor is earned
 And once more our harvest will grow
D C D / C G D / D C D / C G D