Thundering chariots pound down the track,
 Necks are all craned, to leer at the race
 A poor urchin girl selling fruit from a sack
 A spectator eats, the juice smears his face
 Back on the track, a horses leg breaks
 The chariot flips, and screams can be heard
 The crowd is excited, and for the show's sake
 The other contestents, each race undeterred
 Is this why we quarried the stone
 to build massive temples to our new divine
 the keystones were laid, by people alone
 No creatures but us built this great chiseled shrine
 My head starts to ache, as the ritual starts
 I pray to the goddess of wisdom and rhyme
 The words leave my mouth, With an ache in my heart
 I drone with dull tone, each scripted line
 Though I witnessed ascenscion and healings
 And lived enough time, to know what we've gained
 As my years grow greater, so does the feeling
 No goddess of wisdom would sanction these games
 Is this why the old theaters fell
 Were cookfire stories, so savage and poor
 Without teaching the past, how can we tell
 If it's monster or goddess that we supplicate for
 The forums are filled, with chaos and blame
 And many have gathered, our help to beseech
 The soldiers take bribes, and without any shame
 They threaten the farmers, dismiss them as weak
 So the polity riots, and I have to agree
 Though I've spent my whole life under vows
 If my goddess exists, she's blind to our needs
 Nothing Holy or mortal will keep us low now
 This is how we'll drive our fate
 No out of touch godlet, will again be revered
 We'll raise our own people, who have proved themselves great
 And never again, will we bow to our fear
 /Am Em/ G D / Am Em / C - - D /  
 /Am Em/ G D / Am Em / C - - D /
 / C D Em Em / C D Em Em / C D Em Em / C D Em Em /