Hope in the Seals

 Put hope in the seals, to hold us through
 Have faith that the keel, holds up on you
 Put oar to the brine, beat the drum double-time
 This barge is a wreck but it must make do
 It's been barely a week since we left the safe harbor
 To rescue the sacrifice tied to the rock
 Though we killed the sea-snake, Our sail-cloth was raked
 And the wind was too mighty, to row back to dock
 The strain will bring end to the rostrum and rudder
 If we fail to contend this murderous storm
 We've got just one hope, in this barrel of rope
 Tie Pillar to Pillar, put shoulder to oar!
 Though close, we must pass through the crushing stones
 That can render our ship into planks
 We have to go fast,If we want to get past
 Pull look-out, we need every rower in rank!
    Chor x 2-2000 times

 / Am G / F E / FE AmG / F E Am - /  
 / Dm Am / G Am / Dm / Am / FE EAm/