The great, scaly beast, stood and he faced
 The waters, that burst, from the dam
 As he channeled his magic, the wall was replaced
 He was blasted by cheers, from town-woman and man
  And we gather to thank, the Great Sky for its gifts
  For this guardian solid and strong
  Rather than graves, for our drowned goats and kids,
  Our warden, he rose, to protect us from wrong
 He roamed far and wide, with a party of legend
 Many were saved, but his friends had to pay
 He put sorrow aside, and instead tried to mend
 He looked for a village, who had need of his ways
 Any hole could be plugged, with a stout enough cork
 Any dyke could be mended and smoothed
 He'd help mighty and rich, or the impoverished short
 As he knew he was needed, his ravaged heart soothed
 For he came to our village, a backwater ditch
 And he saw what great mis'ry we kept
 Our bedrock would constantly roil and shift
 Because of this curse, we died and we wept
 In our land, he found holes that couldn't be plugged
 And dams that couldn't be fixed
 And he knew he was needed, and with a great tortile shrug,
 He settled, and now, we can safely exist!
  Refrain x2

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 / C D E - / C D E - / G A E - / G A A E /