Comic Boom! contest rules:

Comic Boom is a store in Keene, NH. Due to current market circumstances, they do not have an online inventory, so this contest will mostly be of interest to customers and people local to the area. 

The contest calls for a piece of art, digital or physical (physical art is great, but make sure you get a good scan or contact me at bardchords at protonmail dot com if you need help with that). If it's digital art, please send a high-resolution lossless image to bardchords at protonmail dot com.

If your image is pixel-art, it does not need to be submitted at an up-scaled or artificial high-resolution.

The art should be inspired in some way from a song on the album. It doesn't have to be literal illustrations of lyrics, but it should in some way relate. You can name the piece after the track, or just let me know what track(s) it is related to. Given the narrative nature of the music, we are looking for art that is representative (or figurative, or iconographic in some way). Since this is a comic store, comics would certainly be an acceptable form of submission.

All and every entry will be considered, and I can either mail you a gift certificate or Comic Boom! can keep it on file for when you come in to claim it. At the time of this writing, they still have covid procedures, so make sure to call at 603 352-4261 before you drive any distance!


2 50 dollar gift certificates for the top two entries

5 20 dollar gift certificates for five runners-up/Judge's favorite*

By submitting your art to the contest, you agree to allow us to post it on Bard Chords' social media or web-site, for a time of up to 6 months after submission. If we wanted to use it after that, I would seek to re-license it with you for a longer term, with a more official license agreement. 

Each judge votes for his 3 favorite, we tabulate the results and decide the winner, and do additional sets of 3 to find the runners up.


Cory Milotte, Owner and Proprietor, Comic Boom!
Gibson Chase-Pinkney, Writer and Musician for Bard Chords
Ellis Chase-Pinkney (no relation), NH-based Space Ship and artist

The contest is running from 3/13/2021 to 5/14/2021 (8 weeks). We will attempt to have results out by the last week of May, delays may be imposed by circumstances. I do not know what to expect for a response, if I am getting lots of submissions the prize pool will be expanded.

I want to run another contest in the Summer as well, as we have extensive recording and a follow-up planned! I would like to have an expanded judge panel for this, and figure out some method for figuring out a community choice prize.

I hope you decide to enter, and if you think you are, feel free to reach out in advance at bardchords at protonmail dot com. I'd love to be able to gauge interest sooner rather than later, in case it makes sense to expand the prize pool. You can message me on facebook or twitter as well, but it might take me longer to get back.