Blossoms of Gold

 Like a river, we flow
 And like barley, we grow
 To reach for the light of the sun
 By the burbling brook,
 and the oaths that we took
 To unite, and face shadows as one
 When I saw you at first, I took no special heed
 As you led in the flock from the hills
 But when tragedy struck, and you rose to our needs
 My murmuring heart, pushed my faltering will
 Like the mountains, we stand
 And like Titans, we plan
 To push against dire designs
 Amidst blossoms of gold,
 With our futures untold,
 We merge, and mix water and wine
 As we raised up our children, and guarded the flocks
 The tribes of the iron man swelled  
 By truncheon or pike, by arrow or rock
 One by one, we were pushed towards hell
 Like the great winds, we howl
 And we rake, like the owl
 Who terrifies creatures that creep
 If we die in our plight,
 At least we gave fight
 And refused to go softly to sleep
 But the man-creatures ran, and we breathed with relief
 Though steep was the price that we paid
 Fillie and foal, were screaming in grief
 Ten score were the grave-stones we laid
 Like a river…
 By the burbling …
 Like the mountain …
 Amidst blossoms ...
 Verse form I
 / C / G / F C / FG C / 
 Verse form II
 / C G F C / F G C C / C G F C / F G C C /