(Recording has no guitar, but here are the chords it is written around)
 Anahita, mother of water
 Feeds the rivers, the brooks and the springs
 The Naiads are her chosen daughters
 And the sea god brings her corals and rings
 Our cities were built with her blessing divine
 By shepherds who heard her burbling call
 She showed how the heavens, moved over time
 And with practice we spread, that knowledge to all
 The Magi are nothing without river mother
 But when learn'ed travelers come from the west
 They walk past the shrines, and don't bathe in the water
 Instead rubbing grease on their faces and chests
 We humor the men, who risk such far travel
 Who covet our secrets for their fine polity
 Cities where women are locked up like cattle
 And most of the men, live in bare poverty
 We tell them the tales we reserve for such fools
 Easy to check, with patience and time
 But philosophers fail, to harness such tools
 Preferring instead, what sounds the most fine
 But you my friend, are not such a stranger
 You've heeded her call, with clear heart and mind
 Dive in the pool, push past the danger
 And you'll share in peace, as only we find
 Em Bm D 
 / Em DEm / D Bm D Em /