Greetings, Traveler! Welcome to the home of Bard Chords, a collection of songs written for Fantasy Role-Players, dreamers, wanderers, mystics, rogues and scoundrels of all kinds! After the release of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, I noticed through the years the growing popularity of Bards (the best class), and people would tell me stories of the different songs they used during their campaigns. After quarantine from the Great Plague, playing online on platforms like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds grew even more popular.  After a sojourn in the woods between the sacred standing stones, and seven and seven sacrifices during the hour of the great solstice, and harrowing sojourns across each of the planes of existence, I decided to write and record a series of songs to augment the arsenal of adventurers and game-masters alike. 

Bard Chords' first release, Bard Chords, was written to be a fusion of standard fantasy and ancient Mediterranean mythology. I attempted to cover a wide range of alignments, motivations, types of song, from sea shanty to lament to heroic balladry. I wrote even more than you see on this site, and I hope to finish the project this year. I wish to re-record each of the songs you see here with more production and backing tracks (I recorded these at home, and I am but a novice to the arcane arts of recording technology.), and I am hoping you and your brave fellow travelers can help me reach that goal! 

Under the downloads section, you will find archive files with full collections of the project so far: 18 songs and one spoken word poem, and you can use those however you wish in any of your own projects, as long as you provide me with attribution. Such eldritch details await you there.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a player that will allow you to play the whole album in a playlist, and if you fancy yourself a master of the brush or stylus, check out the contest page for an art contest I am running with release, in conjunction with my alma mater, Comic Boom! in Keene, NH. 

If you like these and want more, have no fear, we share this sentiment! I have scheduled release across all sorts of digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and a whole slew of other platforms for Saturday, 3/13/2021.  If you have feedback or questions, you can email me at bardchords at protonmail dot com, and I will soon make the dark compacts necessary to have several social media options where you can alternatively demand my attention.

This web-plane is still under construction by the Great Mother Spider, so as the hour of ascension (release) approaches, expect this page and the information to shift and shimmer, like any well-wrought illusion.

Fortune awaits those who seek it with a strong heart and an open mind!