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Art Show and Concerts in Mocha Joe’s In 2023

Look at this!

Concerts at 6:15 at Mocha Joe’s Cafe in Brattleboro, VT every other Wednesday.

It runs for about an hour, the cafe is open late for the concert so you can get all the evening espresso you crave.

2023 Dates:
October 4th, 18th
November 1st, 15th, 29th
December 13th, 27th

For the months of August and September, I have my watercolor paintings up in Mocha Joe’s in Brattleboro, VT.

Here’s a sample of my music :

You can also search “bard chords” or “gibson chase-pinkney” on spotify or apple music or whatever, it should be on most or all other streaming services as well.

The shows are free, just buy drinks and/or snacks, and please tip your barista!

Western Massachusetts Comic Book Show!

I’ll be at the Western Mass Comic Show at the Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center at 289 Main Street in Greenfield Mass. I’ll be there for the whole event, 10-4.

I’m going to be promoting my upcoming bard chords project, and I’ll have CD’s and download information available for my music, but mostly, I am there with a load of watercolor paintings and drawings- everything from studies of flowers and nature, to pop culture characters, to original compositions.

If you read a lot of comics or spend time in a comic store, several of the above names will be familiar; there will be a handful of TMNT veterans like Jim Lawson and Gary Smith, Casey Coller (Who does Transformers for IDW), and lots of long-time New England-based comic producers and fans. If you want to buy comics, the event is put on by His & Hers Comics, an awesome comic store started by two long-time collectors with decades of combined knowledge and experience. Whether you’re a reader or a collector, looking for art, or just anything unexpected, you should come down to this event.

“The Fox” Animation and Album, 2020-2022

(Watch in 1080p) (Please it took so long)

Recorded in late 2020, I released it in January 2022 because it took awhile to make the animation.

“Bard Chords” 2021

(Also watch in 1080p?)

Written and Recorded in December of 2020-January 2021, I recorded a follow-up album I’ll be releasing in Q3-Q4 2023